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Clothes: When should I buy what?

The Best Stores to Buy Petite Clothes | InStyle

Clothing items are some of those things we need for life. We might not need to buy them regularly, as happens with food, but they’re still necessary – be it because our older items are getting worn out or because seasonal changes require that you change your wardrobe a bit.

Even if you can go a long time without buying clothes for yourself, the plight of having to constantly renew a growing kid’s wardrobe is one most mothers can understand and sympathize with. After all, it usually seems like children wait until just after you buy them new shoes or shirts to go through yet another growing spurt.

Planning when to buy what can help with this – specifically, because knowing when certain items might go on sale allows you to plan your finances around any wardrobe changes you or your family might need. Here are some examples of clothing items, and when they’re at their best.


Best Season for Kids’ Clothes: August

It’s not surprising that the best moment to buy general use clothes for children is in August, right as the back-to-school sales are in. Heavy competition over clientele means you can find items on sale almost everywhere – however, a large amount of people buying things for their kids also means the savings aren’t huge at this time of the year.

Use this timeframe mostly for general clothing – when it comes down to seasonal clothing, read on.


Buy Suits and formal workclothes in January

Mid-January tends to see the best prices on suits, after the holiday rush has worn down and the weather is much too cold for most people to choose to wear them. If you need to a change of wardrobe for your job, this is the right moment to jump in.


Sneakers are best in April or November

Sneakers are a weird clothing item in that they’re generally used and also ridiculously coveted by collectors. The first few months of the year are terrible for sneakers, since people who have decided to take up running or exercising during the new year tend to hog the supply, making sales pointless.

This comes to a head in late-march and April, however. As people trying to get fit settle into their routines or give up altogether, crazy demand winds down. Meanwhile, Spring entering and Summer getting close leads to a healthy customer base, which makes the time ripe for sales.

November is also a great month for sneakers, because most people at the time will be concerned with winter boots that can stand snowfall and frozen pavement. You won’t be able to wear them right away, at least not outside, but you’ll be ready for when Spring rolls in.


Wait at least Six Weeks to buy your Seasonal Clothes


Does this sound silly? It sounds silly indeed. But also true.

On average, clothing items meant for specific seasons tend to get discounts about six weeks later – that is, when the season they’re meant for is already midway, or past midway. It’s no secret that seasonal clothing gets cheaper later in the season, so waiting at least six weeks is a good standard to follow if you’re looking for offers.

The only case where this might not work is for children’s clothes, since they wouldn’t get to fully use them until the year after. Still, if you can afford to buy next year’s clothes in advance your wallet might thank you… as long as they don’t start growing unexpectedly. Or as long as they don’t refuse to grow. It’s hard to tell with kids.


Denim Fans wait til October

For some reason – and there doesn’t seem to be a set logic to it, but whatever – the best sales on denim and jean apparel happen during October. If you’re a fan of denim or need a set of clothes for your work, October is the correct time.


Sleepwear in November

Sleepwear is usually at its best prices in late November, usually because people enjoy giving each other pajamas for Christmas. No, don’t ask me why, I don’t know, but I did receive pajamas for Christmas from my godmother once or twice, so it happens.

Either way, sleepwear is at its best at that time of the year.


Raincoats are great during the dry season

Which is in late April. As mentioned before, seasonal clothing is at its best when it’s just about to become unnecessary, so when the April rainy season ends and clear May skies start rolling in you’ll find raincoats at a discount.


Thrift store fan? Go for spring cleaning

Shouldn’t surprise anyone that if you’re looking for thrift store or second-hand items, right during spring cleaning is the time to go. Other people getting rid of what they don’t want, need, or use means a huge influx of items for these shops – and an excess of stock always means lower prices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row el_id=”Subscribe Section” css=”.vc_custom_1599253353022{margin-bottom: -10px !important;}”][vc_column][gem_fullwidth background_style=”cover” container=”1″ background_image=”39″ padding_top=”158″ padding_bottom=”100″][vc_column_text]

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