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Take control of your finances. Have control over your life.


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Gain power over your finances:
⬡ Add your main bank account
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⬡ Easily view all your different accounts information in just one page
⬡ Works with banks located in the US, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, UK and Netherlands
Dashboard Overview
Information is power. With Opogy you will always:
⬡ Know how much money you have left for each budget item
⬡ Know how much you actually can spend at all times
⬡ Know when what you bring in is not enough for your needs
⬡ Know exactly how much you need to improve your lifestyle.
Industry-grade encryption
Sleep comfortably knowing:
⬡ Your financial data is secured with the highest level of encryption available.
⬡ Our privacy policy also means you'll never worry about the security of your data.
Why we’re better

Opogy goes beyond budgeting. It gives you more  clarity on your financial situation.

Emergency Funds
Set a portion of your income aside for emergencies so you can:
⬡ Know exactly how much you can spend to weather it
⬡ Make smart decisions on how to handle it
⬡ Know beforehand how that situation will impact your finances.
PayMe feature
With the PayMe feature you can set money aside to:
⬡ Invest in personal projects
⬡ Buy your favorite stock
⬡ Go on that long-awaited vacation
Dashboard Report
Get a financial overview 24/7 so you can:
⬡ Know how much money you make and spend
⬡ Know where you are overspending
⬡ Know when you are overspending
⬡ Adjust your budget and lifestyle to fit your priorities
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Compatible with all iPads and Android tablets so you can comfortably manage your finances from the comfort of your couch.


Designed for all your iOS and Android devices for quick and convenient financial management on the go.

Fun Facts
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Will to change

75% of people polled are willing to change their behavior if it saves them money.
What are you willing to change for a better financial position?

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Belief vs Use

94% of people believe that having a budget is useful,
however 50% don’t use any system to track their expenses.

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Real vs Fake

More monopoly money is printed in a given year than money in the entire world.

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8% tangibility

Only 8% of the world’s currency is actual physical money. The majority of transactions are all done digitally so no physical currency exchanges hands.

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Cost of money

The toll to make, administer and distribute the 1-cent coin was 1.99 cents and the cost for the 5-cent coin was 7.62 cents.

Per Month
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Unlimited Transaction Monitoring
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OPOGY APP Download

Take control of your finances. Have control over your life.


We asked you what budgeting means to you and what it would take for you to make the effort to invest in your future by taking budgeting more seriously. Here were your answers.

Irfan (NYC): Absolutely. A budget keeps things in perspective. Without a budget, I can’t manage well. I know I have x amount of money for an expense so a budget allows me to be more responsible and spend wisely. It brings awareness to what I spend. And I think budgeting is even more critical when you have a family. We started to budget when we got married, not when we had kids. It helped us identify critical areas of where our money went.

Matt (Orlando): Yes, but I think sticking to a budget is very difficult to do.  I keep getting unexpected expenses that throw me off.

Dominique (Columbus):Yes, I believe having a budget is useful. I travel a lot and I have a set income. I do a daily budget to spend within my means and so that I don’t get into trouble.

Steve (Newark): Yes, It’s necessary. Helps you see what’s coming in and out. Gives you an idea of what you can save. Especially in my position with kids, things come up with school, for example. They get these surprise projects and I have to go out and spend money. So the budget helps me set up a cushion for unforeseen things like the school, house repairs and stuff like that.

Erin (NYC): If I will save $250-$500 a month, then yes, I am all ears and willing to change.

Patrick (L.A.): Yes, I would definitely change a habit or behavior if I could save money from doing that.  In fact we have done so already. I use to drive a BMW before we had kids. When the first one was born, we were paying about an additional $400 for her school.  But when the second child came along, I decided to sell the BMW and buy a much less expensive car. I had to change the BMW anyways, but we didn’t go for a new BMW.  Instead we needed to keep the extra cash for our second child, so we changed our buying habit. A budget needs to be modified as you go. Every year, we review our budget and we make changes as we see fit.

Sara (Montreal): Yes.  I would moderately change my behavior.  I would reduce the amount of time I go out so that I can have more money with me.

Jim (Austin): Yes.  I am willing to change any habit or behavior if it helps improve my cash position.

Yes 13%
No 82%
I don’t know 5%

Clearly this isn’t something most of us enjoy doing, but that’s why we created Opogy; to make the process easier and to help you take more control over your finances and your lives.